Monday, July 14, 2008

Blogging About Technology - "Thing 7"

I somehow missed this one last week, so let me gush a bit how much I love the 1 piece phone/browser/email technology -- I wish I had selected an IPhone when I arrived instead of my T-Mobile Dash -- but alas...that's a whole different blog of woe, but I do LOVE the technology of it all...and when I discovered what Bluetooth actually meant to me -- and that my steering wheel now answers the telephone in my purse...I was smitten.

And now that the new IPhone is out...I have to find a reason to convince Allen that he needs my Dash, so I can have the new toy on the shelf...hmmm...but how do I convince him that I also need a Kindle book reader too?? :)

A girl and her tech toys...

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