Friday, August 15, 2008

Thing 19: The Best of Web 2.0

This is a dangerous list to look at because of the Books category -- I could get caught up in looking at book lists and new sites for hours -- but here's my short list of what I saw:
Their goal is to be the "corner, used bookstore" with a conscience -- with over 50 million books in their inventory, they also strive to give back -- from their website, they state:

"We've grown, but we've proudly maintained our original vision, becoming a local bookstore on a global scale. Every day we enable our customers - nearly a million book lovers from every country on earth - to find high-quality books. We've helped people get books they've spent years trying to find, and in the process, we've helped forge lasting relationships between book lovers and independent booksellers. Our technology bridges geographies to help customers form old-fashioned relationships with small corner bookstores around the world.

Every day, we help small businesses in 36 countries develop and grow their businesses. We provide them with technology and tools that allow them to establish and strengthen their identity. We enable them to connect with their customers, and form new relationships."

Honorable mentions went to LibraryThing and WorldCat -- both already favorites of mine...I talk about LibraryThing below -- it brought me into the social sharing arena like nothing else...ok, Facebook has piqued my interest because of my looming 30 year high school reunion coming up...but I digress.

Ok -- enough for today -- I've enjoyed exploring some new things this summer and revisiting some old friends.


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