Friday, August 15, 2008

Week 8: Thing 18 - Zoho Writer

Looking at Zoho Writer this week was interesting. My question as I look at any of these new tools is as always -- what's the applicability in my daily life that will actually be beneficial and save me time or help to include the technology in instruction -- without being the driving force itself -- i.e. "toys for toys sake."

I think there is a future to the online word processing programs such as Zoho and/or Google Docs because of the newer versions of Word that have gone beyond the average user's needs and the complexity of them make general typing/paper writing more convoluted than necessary in many cases. comes an online program that allows you to type from anywhere -- format simply and voila -- you have a paper created -- I'm all for it!

All of the other "bells" that Zoho has -- I'd need to explore more -- I already have email, a wiki and a blog -- at some point, it's a matter of duplication, questioning how many access points I need to have as my portal and seeing "good enough" is just that -- good enough.

Oh -- and yes, I published this to my blog from Zoho -- and it worked fine -- so another plus in its favor!


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